A relatively new term, virtual personal assistant is a term that often intrigues many businesses. Our SmartPAs are working globally as business owners, delivering personal admin services to their clients. So what is a virtual personal assistant exactly?


A virtual personal assistant is an independent professional, providing administrative services out with the office environment. A virtual personal assistant often works from home or anywhere suitable, making them a useful, flexible resource for many companies. The traditional PA set up is simulated using communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams and Skype, so you can have real time conversations with your virtual personal assistant no matter where they are. Virtual personal assistants are particularly useful in times of fluctuation, when a full-time, in-house personal assistant is not required or considered too expensive. For example, if a company is experiencing rapid growth, considerable change during peak times or requires project to project work – a virtual personal assistant working on a monthly package can be extremely useful.


With all companies, there is financial risk and a time commitment when hiring a new full-time member of staff which cannot be ignored – especially for small companies who are not ready to hire a full-time member of staff and take this risk. With a virtual personal assistant, they can handle any tasks that a regular personal assistant would handle, such as answering emails, booking travel, managing payroll and handling social media. SmartPA has monthly packages that provide a convenient alternative for businesses, tailored to suit your needs. It is important to remember that any virtual assistant service should integrate seamlessly with your business, to avoid any downtime or snagging.


With a SmartPA, companies can guarantee their virtual personal assistant is trained, accredited and has unlimited resources available to them as a result of the SmartPA Community. Most importantly however, SmartPA virtual personal assistants work on monthly packages that are dependent on clients’ needs. The choice of package can change at any time, which is particularly useful for seasonal companies.


Remember, your business mission and your vision should be crucial at all time, so make sure your virtual PA service completely supports and aligns with those goals. The right PA can make the difference between good admin support and smart admin support.


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