Success means different things to different people. When people come to us to help them take control of their lives it is for a multitude of reasons and each with its own success marker. We have listed our five most common goals below - do you agree?

Increased Earning Potential

Your classic 9-5 position has an earning limit, maybe by your position, by your capacity or by your employer’s financial capacity. Success to a lot of people is measured financially - its tangible and easy to compare. Whether it is the dream car you’ve been desperate to drive or the perfect house for your family, these monetary goals are a very common way people define their success and quite rightly -- diamonds you bought yourself seem to shine just a little bit brighter!

Family Time

Time with your nearest and dearest can be some of the most precious in life, yet all too often we are distracted or disengaged, worrying about a difficult boss or missing your child’s Christmas play for another pointless meeting. Success for a lot of business owners is measured in all the occasions with their family they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy before. Perhaps you’ve been eyeing up a family holiday but not had the freedom to enjoy it. With total control of your life, you can do whatever you choose.

A (Much) Shorter Commute

How often have you been pushed and shoved on public transport or stuck in endless traffic, all in the name of a career? This is often the most common irritant that commuters put up with - success stereotypically is interpreted as being on the top floor of a big office in the middle of a thriving city. We are challenging that every day - you can enjoy a highly accomplished career and you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. No need for the crack of dawn misery, just setting your own routine to avoid the traffic. That sounds pretty successful to us.


The modern professional has a multitude of balls in the air. Career, family commitments, friends, pets, mental and physical health, money, time… the list is endless. It is no wonder the current generations have incredibly high rates of stress-related illnesses. What if your career could fit around all of these; giving you time to do the school run, walk the dog and make your partner’s christmas party? All in the same week, whilst running your own, incredibly successful enterprise from your home office - plus you’ve learnt to juggle!

Becoming A Role Model

This last one is potentially the most crucial indicator of success to some people. Children absorb everything in their immediate environments and often model their own lives on the examples of their parents, even subconsciously. A lot of people measure their success on the pride and respect held by others, especially their children. Why wouldn’t you want to set the example to your child that they can do it all? We see a lot of mothers desperate to impart the wisdom onto their daughters that this isn’t purely a man’s world and they can run lives equal to those of their male counterparts.

As Balthasar Gracian noted; ‘the truth is generally seen, rarely heard’. Instead of just telling your young brood they can have it all, why not show them?

Success, thy name is SmartPA.