Little known ways to increase office efficiency

So, you've installed a new phone line, upped your broadband speed, and even expelled the office dog in a bid to get more done. But there still seems to be a missing piece of the jigsaw. What can you do to make your office even more efficient? In this blog, we touch on some ways of increasing efficiency which might not be immediately obvious.

Encourage orderly inboxes

An employee's inbox is sometimes seen as an entirely private entity, and while a manager reading the contents of emails might be seen as an underhand tactic, there are a few ways in which inboxes can be made more efficient, with potential benefits to productivity. Encourage employees to 'clean' their inboxes periodically, getting rid of emails which aren't needed. Train them in ways to organise their inbox more effectively, including the creation of different inboxes for specific clients or types of emails.

Consider an outsourced PA

While you may not have the time, or the budget, to accommodate a full-time PA, you'll be amazed at what a trained professional can do given a day or two a week. That's where outsourced PA services come in, giving you the opportunity to bring in help without having to commit to taking on a full-time employee. Whether it's going through your mail, calling back some individuals you simply didn't have time to speak with or planning your schedule over the coming weeks and months, there is nothing like the honed efficiency of an experienced PA to get your office back on track.

Ensure your office is hydrated

If you don't have an easily accessible water cooler at work, you might be missing a trick. That's because a hydrated team can be a more productive team, especially during the summer months when the temperature goes up and the work rate goes down. Ensure your workforce have all the water they need, and, almost as important, encourage them to drink it! Too much coffee is known to have a dehydrating effect and has the potential to cause 'caffeine crashes' once the initial energy spike comes to an end. 

Ask your employees, 'do you have what you need?

It is a simple question, but asking your employees if there is anything else they need in order to do their job might throw up some interesting answers. Your workforce is on the front line, ensuring your business ticks over day to day, so nobody knows better than them which tools can be added to your armoury to increase efficiency. Whether it's new stationery, calculators, computer accessories or even computer software, giving your team what they need to up their performance could be a decision you will thank yourself for.

While technological advances have the ability to revolutionise business, the importance of people power should not be underestimated. After all, it is your team who are operating any software and other technologies you have brought in to improve your business's efficiency, so focusing on them can produce results.