To help you understand more about SmartPA and our Partnership, we have put together a handy dictionary guide to help you understand our in-house terms and what to expect from your Partnership journey...

Bonus Client

This is a client that our Head Office team win on your behalf and give to you, free of charge, within the first 6-8 weeks of launching your business. They are always a minimum value of £500 per month and often grow to become an important client for you.


The easiest way to understand ‘insourcing’ is as the direct opposite to outsourcing. When you ‘outsource’ work, you send it to someone outside your company who has certain skills to manage a specific project. With our ‘insourcing’ model, you send certain project work into our Partnership community for other Partners to help you. For example; if you have a client who needs a document translating into French, you can ‘insource’ the work by putting it to our network of businesses and project manage that Partner, thereby still earning some income on that work. This unique model means you can help all clients without any worries about certain skills or software you might not be trained on. Our Partnership community is one of the main attractions to both Partners and clients - it is a global network of experts.

Discovery Pack

After enquiring about becoming a Partner, you will receive a Discovery Pack via email. This is in PDF format and is our in-house brochure. In it is all the information you need to feel excited and motivated to apply to join our Partnership. It will explain our Five Pillars of Success; Training, Community, Clients, Marketing and Support. These are the fundamentals our Partnership is based on.

Discovery Call

Your Discovery Call is a chance to hear all about the Partnership and the journey you will go on, from start to finish, and is usually conducted by one of our Ambassadors. It is the start of your Partnership experience and will be scheduled as soon as you receive the Discovery Pack.

Application Form

This is a form we send you, either via an online link or an email, that helps us get to know you. There are no right or wrong answers and there is no commitment at this point - it is really important for us to understand what type of Partner you will be and how best to tailor your Partnership journey.

Funding Call

If you need finance to become a SmartPA, then to start the funding process you will need to book in for a Funding Call. This will be with one of our Head Office team members and will explain the steps involved in receiving the entire investment for our Partnership. The funding call is vital for you because after you have completed that call, you can enjoy your Head Office Workshop. Again, there is no commitment at this stage, it is purely the next step to business success.

Eligibility Check

During your funding call, you will undergo an Eligibility Check. It is a very simple process and we will explain every box you need to tick and every answer you need to complete. Again, this doesn’t commit you to anything but it is important to confirm that you are a great candidate for finance.


Your Head Office workshop is the most exciting part of the Partnership journey. This is a chance to meet all the HQ team members face to face, wherever you are based in the world. We do it via video link, and each chat is done on a 1-2-1 basis, so it is quite informal and a great opportunity to ask any questions. Each team member will walk you through how they support you personally and this is often the point where most potential Partners decide to commit. You may even get the chance to meet either the CEO, Andrew Wright, or the founder of the company, Sarra Bejaoui.

Business Plan Call

Once you have been approved for your funding, you will enjoy a Business Plan call with one of our team members. The business plan is a necessity to proceed with finance and we have made it as simple and stress free as possible. It is mostly a templated document and each section you need to complete will be explained to you in real time over the phone. This will then be submitted, along with your loan documents, for final approval by our finance partner.

Partnership Agreement

This is essentially your contract. It is a legal document which agrees to set up a business under the SmartPA umbrella. Often our Partners will refer this document to a legal professional - if you would like some help, the BFA offers free legal advice concerning all franchise and Partnership opportunities.

Draw Down

This is the great part, this is when the money hits your account. It can take up to 3 days for the money to reach your account, at which point we will invoice you and then you’re a fully paid up Partner at SmartPA!

Business Support Team

BST (as they are known internally) will become the most important department for your business. They are available at any point in your business journey and will help with everything - from onboarding clients to social media training, business templates to sales coaching - this team are here to help you succeed. No question too big or small, they are an unrivalled support service for your business.

Head Office Team

Our HQ is found in Edinburgh and this is the hub from which SmartPA operates. Here our Partnership, Client Engagement and Business Support teams all work to help grow our PArtners businesses and offer virtual admin, business support and call handling services to our SME and corporate clients.

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