My name is Rachel and I am 29. I live in a small village near Windsor. I am married and have a new baby called Ella - she was only recently born in January.

I enjoy keeping fit and take part in bootcamp classes 3 times a week. When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, seeing family and friends, eating cake and spending time with my baby!

I was 26 when I signed up with SmartPA. I chose SmartPA as I always knew I wanted my own business but, being in a full time job, I had no time to set up a business myself and I had no idea where to start! After doing some investigation, the part that really appealed to me about SmartPA was the support - it was reassuring having a company who knew what they were doing at the end of the phone.

I liked the fact I could work from home and have the flexibility to work the hours I wanted. When I decided to have a baby my plan was to work the hours I wanted around the baby, then I could still earn a living and not pay crazy nursery fees.

The thing I enjoy most about my SmartPA business is the variety of work I do. Tasks tend to focus around:

  • Email and diary management
  • Arranging events
  • Processing expenses
  • Sending (and chasing) client invoices
  • Global reporting
  • Personal support such as home filing and taking care of the clients household bills
  • Any ad hoc requests from researching holidays to booking a hair appointment!

The weirdest request I’ve ever had from a client was to fly to Zurich and back in a day! My client had lost his phone and sent me to lost property to find it -- 50 phones later and unfortunately I never found the right one!

The best part of my SmartPA experience so far has been being asked to be an Ambassador by Head Office to supporting the southern region of the UK. Being recognised as a Partner who had really excelled in business was just one of the greatest moments and to be picked from from 150 other Partners was such an achievement. Before starting my business, public speaking and running meetings were my worst nightmares but now I can happily run a quarterly regional meeting!

If I could give one piece of advice to my younger self it would definitely be to do better at school and save more money than I spent!

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