For a small or micro business who doesn’t have the luxury of a large pool of talent, strategising your hiring process is a top priority. It can be difficult to know which position will make the biggest difference to your organisation but first, check that you have all of the elements that are fundamental in making your business run smoothly. We have a narrowed it down to the five types of people you need to have in your business.

The Ideas Person

This is the person who provides direction to the business. They are less concerned about how it will be done, and more about what will be done.

More often than not, this will be the individual who started the business. But, in the event it’s not, some of the best qualities to look for, are people who see the bigger picture, have confidence and are natural leaders.

The Do-er

Your business isn’t a business without something to market, so the delivery of your product or service is absolutely crucial. You need someone who will make sure that what has been promised is being delivered to your clients.

Accordingly to Michael E. Gerber in the E-myth theory, this person is importantly separated from the ideas person and will understand the ‘how’ of the business.

The Money Person

Money makes the world go round...and also your business. Without sound bookkeeping and finances, you are making strategic decisions blind. This is especially important in a small business when you are liable to be paid late, so having accurate accounts will save you from a lot of turmoil. As a small business, finance and bookkeeping will most likely not a be a full-time job, and so many of our clients outsource a set amount of hours per month to our team. Find out more about our services here.

The Admin Person

Without the little jobs, the bigger jobs wouldn’t be able to exist. Admin gives validity to the organisation and means everyone can focus on what they do best. If you find your staff are falling behind with deadlines, seem stressed with their workload or spend a lot of time fixing a myriad of existing issues, it’s time to consider a virtual personal assistant.

The VIP - Customer

Without them, you wouldn’t have an audience (or money). So, treat them well! Great customer service can take a company from mediocre to firm favourites, and that is truly priceless. Check out our top five ways to improve customer service in your business here.

For small businesses, the traditional recruitment process is expensive and inefficient. That’s where we come in. Tell us what’s holding you back, where the skill set gap in your organisation is located, or share with us your dream employee profile. We have over 250 skill-sets available to you with the luxury of only one point of contact. Want to find out more? Let us know below.

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