At SmartPA, transforming the way the world does business is the reason we get up in the morning. As such, we are massive supporters of entrepreneurs and business owners and want to help them to grow and succeed. As an organisation, we are a leading provider of world-class secretarial and administrative services across the globe, so are in a perfect position to help entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools to grow and develop their businesses. We were recently invited to speak to the 120 members of the Natwest London Accelerator Hub to share with them our advice for a better work-life balance and how to utilise innovative services, like SmartPA, to grow their business.

Supporting business owners on a day to day basis, there was no one better equipped to discuss this topic than our Head of Client Engagement, Jennifer Khare. As a working mother, Jennifer is juggling life and a fast-paced high-pressured role daily, which means she is no stranger to the struggles that can be posed when trying to find a balance. Discussing the negative effects that a poor work-life balance can have on both your physical and mental health and how we can help with this, Jennifer’s presentation sparked interesting discussion. The main struggles that entrepreneurs find when growing their business is the lack of time when juggling so many tasks, making our service the perfect solution for them. With 50% of managers saying that they don’t have time to focus on strategic initiatives and 40 hours of a business owners’ time spent every month on their payroll or HR tasks, support needs to be given so that they can focus on the tasks that will grow their business.

The NatWest Accelerator Hub operates in 12 locations across the UK, supporting entrepreneurs with a fully funded programme of bespoke coaching and workshops, as well as access to mentorship to help grow and scale their business. This is a programme that SmartPA fully supports. We are very excited to be supporting both the NatWest and RBS Accelerator Hubs and look forward to our next engagement with the RBS Edinburgh Entrepreneurs in early 2020. If you feel our services could benefit you and your business, get in touch today to find out more.

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