Frequently, we get asked the type of businesses that work with SmartPA's Executive Assistants. The answer is that we support all businesses due to the calibre of PA support that we can provide. SmartPA Partner, Dominique Nally gives her story below:

My client, Liz, is the Director of her own HR Consultancy. Due to focusing on Executive Coaching & NLP nationally and internationally, she has had no time to look after her existing retained core HR clients or attract new ones – something she now wants to build up. She was therefore looking for someone with an HR background to help her clients review of their HR policies & procedures, as well as building up a ‘ready to use’ master deck to hand over to new clients. She also wanted to focus more on marketing to attract new HR clients, as they are mainly retained and a stable source of revenue.

I have known Liz for a long time and she had approached me a few years ago but being full time employed, I just didn’t have the capacity to help her. Now, as her SmartPA Partner, I am managing her client database and a quarterly newsletter to her existing clients (via Mail Chimp) and we will soon be discussing her marketing campaign to attract more HR clients. In addition, we now both have access to a company Dropbox so I may access policies that need reviewing and Liz can view the finalised documents really easily too. She then gives access to her client so they may get their new policies without any headaches. We have also set up a company email address so that when I contact her clients, it keeps appears to be from an employee, retaining brand strength. The idea is that by building up her retained HR clients portfolio, I will benefit too from long-term retained work.

After being in the HR industry for the past 20 years, I feel like we work really well together. It’s rewarding to work with growing businesses and knowing that you’ve been a factor in that success.