To kick off our ‘Should I…’ blog series, today we’re asking the question; should I quit my job?

Quitting your job is a big decision. Depending on your current position and any dependants, it can be life changing. This is a choice that takes serious time and thought, so here are our top 5 reasons for leaving your job and the important questions to ask:

  1. If you are feeling a little unfulfilled, perhaps leaving isn’t the answer - could you lobby your boss for a promotion or a new project? Often the first instinct when feeling bored in a job is to leave, but the first step should always be to think about the bigger picture. If your job is dull, is it because of the work your doing or the company itself? Even the simplest business model can excite members of staff and likewise, the most dynamic sounding, space-exploration-themed company can leave you wanting more. If the work isn’t pushing you enough, do something about it. Maybe more responsibility will help you feel passion again. Often people management can really inspire -- caring for other members of a team is a responsibility you may thrive on. Why not start by asking your superiors for pointers on how to climb the career ladder? It might open a whole new door for you.

  2. Going nowhere? Sometimes a company structure or a bad boss limit you. Perhaps a temporary career has become your life. Being in a job that you know you’re stuck in is suffocating. If you have no other avenue to exhaust in-house and if this isn’t the right direction then perhaps it is time to choose another path. A good career can take time to build but nothing is worse than putting effort in to know it will be to no avail. Spend your energy finding a career you can grow in.

  3. If you’re expecting, congratulations! Children bring with them a whole load of new perspectives, one of which is your career. Now this is the 21st century and everyone should have the right to work and care for a child at the same time. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Not only do some employers still bristle at the thought of maternity leave and flexible working but as a parent, you may feel that nothing else compares to time spent with your new arrival. This is where the financial implications are crucial -- you have another mouth to feed now! A flexible option you can operate part time is the perfect choice -- a SmartPA Partnership can be scaled up or down depending on your time commitments and can be operated from the comfort of your own home.

  4. Other commitments - perhaps you want a bit more ‘me time’? Perhaps your family needs you… sometimes life doesn’t happen how we want it and the importance of a flexible career can mean everything. While we do spend a lot of time in the office, it isn’t your whole life. Why not pick a career you can fit around all your important commitments? Becoming your own boss here can be a real advantage, as you only have to answer to yourself. It can be exactly what you make it.

  5. Want more! At SmartPA we always welcome a growth mindset and if you want more from life and more from your career, we can help. Often people frown on ambition, thinking it equates to greed or arrogance. We think there is no harm in wanting more and wanting the best -- especially because when you are successful and happy, so are the people around you. Running your own business can feel daunting but with the right support, coaching and mindset, you can have as much as you want. You will get out exactly what you put in, so if you aren’t afraid of a little hard work -- then get in touch today.

*Don’t quit your job without considering your financial commitments first.

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