Remote PA services

There’s been much in the news recently about robots encroaching on business administration jobs in the next decade or two.

What does this mean for hard-pressed business owners and outsourced admin support services like SmartPA? Let’s take a look at what’s happening to find out why SmartPA’s intelligent business support services will continue to be in demand.

Front-line staff

Most of these robots won’t have any physical presence, they will be programs running on computers, communicating with customers by telephone, email, online chat or social media.

It’s this type of robot that will take the place of people on the front line of business communications, whether they are in-house or outsourced admin staff. The insurance sector, for example, has been investing in artificial intelligence (AI) systems for certain processes.

Automation always starts at the easiest place – simple repetitive tasks. When the conversation gets too difficult and falls outside the system’s capabilities, that’s when people are required.

The SmartPA advantage

This is where SmartPA’s all-human service works to our clients’ benefit. The service our clients enjoy requires real, experienced people who can quickly understand a wide range of tasks and respond accordingly, in a timely and professional manner.

The SmartPA service and experience goes far beyond that of a virtual PA.

Robots like repeatable processes

For example in the insurance sector, claims processing is being automated first, because it’s a simple task of acquiring the details of the claim.

This will remove a lot of boring repetitive work for claims processors, who will only get involved when the conversation claim reaches a stage that a robotic system can’t cope with. It’s at that point that a claims handler’s skills and intelligence are really required.

SmartPA’s high-quality people are at that point already. They can certainly take the humdrum annoying stuff away but have the experience and qualifications to deal with much more valuable tasks too.

SmartPA – business intelligence

If you’re a busy entrepreneur or consultant, or run a startup or small business, you’ll know that the relentless drive of everyday administration gets in the way doing the real work. That’s the work that moves you to the next level, satisfies your customers and brings income.

Outsourcing admin work to our skilled human teams gives you that freedom and delivers a fantastic return on investment.

Let SmartPA give you more time

If anything, the recent media stories about robots and automation has brought more focus on the benefits that our quality outsourced administrative services can provide to business owners.

Being so much more than an outsourced PA service, SmartPA has flexible, knowledgeable people who understand business and, crucially, will get to know your business and your needs over time.

SmartPA’s outsourced business administration people are already working at the points that AI systems can’t yet reach – the points where intelligence, professionalism and vision are required to give you the service you deserve.

Contact us today to find out how SmartPA will give you the freedom to take your business to the next level.