There Is No Such Thing As Failure

Fear of failure tends to be a very strong motivator for both business owners and employees. The fact is, most of us run into roadblocks fairly commonly, especially in the world of work.

5 Ways To Improve Your Customer Experience

The phrase “the customer is always right” didn’t appear out of thin air, customer service really is the most essential element to any business. Here are our top tips on how to optimise customer experience in your business.

The Word 'Just' And How To Use Language To Your Advantage

We have all been guilty of using the word ‘just’ in an email to make ourselves sound less demanding, less rude and altogether more palatable. This blog is all about how to sound assertive and polite at the same time without hiding behind false deference.

Carpe Diem this 2019: Our 6 Top Tips For Taking Control

A lot of business owners have the same trait -- they seize the moment. Here are our top 6 tips for taking control this year.

How To Make 2019's Trends Work For Your Business

Are you feeling ready for 2019? If not, we hope you can take some inspiration from the top small business trends we are expecting next year.

How Not To Take It Personally

We completely appreciate that pouring your heart and soul into a business makes everything feel personal -- the late nights and long hours can feel utterly soul destroying if the client falls through or you get bad feedback. There are always highs and lows in owning your own business, so here is our advice on how not to take everything personally.

What Does Success Look Like To You?

Success means different things to different people. When people come to us to help them take control of their lives it is for a multitude of reasons and each with its own success marker. We have listed our five most common goals below

5 Benefits Of Remote Working

If you need convincing that remote working is the right choice for you, check out our infographic which highlights the top five reasons for being a remote worker!