My SmartPA Journey: Hellen James

Starting your own business is personal, and that's why each of our Partners have their own story to tell. Read Hellen's story here.

10 minutes with Shirley Thompson #OneForTheGirls

At 60 years old, Shirley Thompson is looking to break two world records on her 3000km transatlantic row.

The best kept secret for small businesses

A better alternative to 'eating the frog'...

Office Etiquette: Email

We use words to exchange information. Words can inform our minds or warm our feelings but also anger us or destroy our self-confidence.

Outsourced Assistant Suppliers: 6 Steps for a Perfect Match

Outsourcing is a great way to increase efficiency but finding the right supplier can be tricky. Read our 6 steps to help find your perfect match.

22 Office Efficiency Tips

Technology is a great tool and there are a never-ending array of new methods to improve efficiency. For example, video conferencing tools such as Skype can reduce meeting times as there is no need to travel.

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