Services that a virtual assistant provides

These are the main services provided by a virtual assistant when supporting businesses and what you should look out for in your future business support function.

5 tips for working from home

For those who have never worked from home though, this can be a daunting time and it’s often difficult to keep spirits up when staring at the same four walls. So, if you’re self-isolating, or simply taking precautionary measures, we’ve put 5 tips together to keep you motivated and positive during these times.

10 Most Inspirational Women

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, we’ve made a list of 10 of the most inspirational women from the last century. From first ladies to suffragettes, social media stars to climate change protesters; they have all made an impact to change the perception and place of women in the world.

3 Challenges Startups Face And How To Overcome Them

We all know the frightening stat; around 90% of start-ups fail in their first year. We, at SmartPA, are experts in supporting businesses to scale and grow. Below are the 3 most common challenges faced by small businesses and our solutions on how to turn a sticky situation into a success!

The Changing Landscape For Executive Assistants

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article called ‘the vanishing executive assistant’, we at SmartPA, humbly disagree. Yes, the workplace is changing, but only for the better.

Creating an unstoppable team

Attracting and nurturing top talent is the most crucial part of any growing, ambitious business. We know from our own experience over the years that the right person in the right role makes such a clear impact on the business as well as the wider team; it is something you can’t afford to get wrong.

Our Managing Director's Top 5 Priorities For Work-Life Balance

If someone tells you they have the secret to achieving work/life harmony, they’re lying (and probably trying to charge you a lot for the privilege!). The fact is, there is no secret sauce for balancing a career, a family, a personal life and some me-time.

What are the most hated office tasks?

A recent survey by Automation Anywhere made the less-than-startling revelation that data entry is the most hated task by office workers. But what are the others?

10 business trends for 2020

As 2020 is now underway, we have identified the top 10 business trends to pay attention to, that have become recent phenomena - or soon will be…