November's Remote Working News

Welcome to our November news round-up – your chance to look back on the highlights from what has been an amazing month for the team here at SmartPA.

Average Salary: How much does a virtual assistant make? | SmartPA

Virtual assistants run their own business from home, support their own clients and are their own boss, it all sounds like the dream package. So just how much can they really make?

Tips to get home in time for 'trick or treating'

Halloween is a time to spend with family, having fun. This holiday, like all others, is centred around spending quality time and making memories with loved ones. However, to do this we need to make sure that we leave our work at the office door and get home in time with clear minds to fully enjoy these experiences. This is of course, easier said than done. Here are our top tips to help you to get out of work and home on time.

Top Tips For Work-Life Balance

Today, the prospect of gaining a healthy balance between work and life is a dream that few can ever put into practice. The term “work-life balance” can mean completely different things to every individual but overall an equal division of work pressure to down time is essential for a happier, more balanced life. Here are our top tips to help you find the right balance that works for you.

Our CEO's 5 Tips On Work-Life Balance

As a leader, it is important that I find ways to encourage a better work-life balance throughout SmartPA – and I believe this starts from the top down. For me, maintaining my work-life balance is essential for how I perform as an individual and as a leader.

September's Remote Working News

What a month it has been! September was all about who we are as a brand: what we stand for, our values, culture, community and presence. Read on to find out exactly what we have been up to and some insight into the exciting day-to-day life of SmartPA HQ!

20 of the most common office problems, solved (Updated September 2019)

Back in 2017, we highlighted the 20 most common office problems to be solved. Even in the last 2 years, the modern workspace has transformed – with co-working spaces, hot desk-ing and remote working becoming more and more popular. Now more than ever, the possibility of remote working is not seen as a luxury but a necessity.

What is a virtual assistant? | SmartPA

A relatively new term, virtual personal assistant is a term that often intrigues many businesses. Our SmartPAs are working globally as business owners, delivering personal admin services to their clients. So what is a virtual assistant exactly?

July's Remote Working News

Welcome to our July news summary – an opportunity to look back on the highlights from this month regarding remote working and the impact of culture.

What impact does culture have on organisations, small and large?

Often the happiness and well-being of employees is treated as a secondary issue for HR to manage and not part of the core company strategy. Your staff are here to work so as long as deadlines are met, the rest is admin and white noise. Well here at SmartPA, we respectfully disagree. Culture is so crucial to your business performance, its importance cannot be understated.

Promoting a healthy work-life balance

Employers have only recently started to realise the importance of balancing both lives and the difference it makes to the workforce and to their overall objectives. In this piece, we examine the importance and benefits of promoting a positive work-life balance. We’ll also offer some tips on how employers can encourage a healthy balance between both.